• Group project for 2012 Summer School in Computational Sensory-Motor Neuroscience (2012)
    KiWii Platform: Using Kinect and Wii board to probe visual and postural effects on balance [report] [slides]
    Kahori Kita, John Rocamora, Yoshiyuki Sato, Frank Schumann, and Scott Yang
  • Kinect data animated in MATLAB window
    Wii data animated in MATLAB window

  • Course project for a statistical learning class (2010)
    Classifying learner in categorical learning by clustering eye-tracking data [report]

  • Reading course project (2009)
    Notes on Monte Carlo methods and nonequilibrium thermodynamics [notes] [Igor Pro demo]
  • Metroplis-Hastings
    Simulated annealing
    Parallel tempering
    Genetic algorithm

  • Undergraduate thesis with Dr. Jörg Rottler (UBC physics) (2006)
    Molecular dynamics simulation of the force-extension relation in simple models of semiflexible biopolymers [thesis] [slides]